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To be eligible for filling, your bottle must meet the following criteria:

  • It must have a test date stamped on the bottle that is within 10 years of the current date. The test stamp should be a small cylinder shape with a testing station number inside, a two-digit month above, and a two-digit year below, and should be located near the neck of the bottle. If your bottle is outside of this date range, it cannot legally be refilled. If your bottle needs to be retested, we recommend contacting a local business called Fire Systems Services at (08) 8445 6300.
  • It must be privately owned and in good condition.
  • It must be completely empty before presenting it for filling.
  • It must have a standard 1/2 inch male thread for the fill connector to attach to. If you purchased the bottle from us, it should have a standard fitting. If you purchased the bottle in Australia, it is likely to have the standard fitting. However, imported bottles may have a non-standard thread that we cannot fill, especially if they were purchased from countries such as the US, Europe, or Asia via eBay.
  • We will not fill any bottles owned by BOC, Air Liquide, Supagas, or Sodastream, or any fire extinguisher bottles that have not been properly converted and re-tested by a licensed test station.
  • We will not fill any bottles showing signs of corrosion, deformation, damage to the bottle or valve, or any leaks.
  • We will not fill any bottles that are partially full or not specifically intended for CO2.
  • We will not fill any bottles from overseas that are DOT standard (or otherwise) but have not been marked with an Australian Standards number or otherwise properly tested and approved for use in Australia.

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