Carbonation & Line Cleaning Cap (Stainless Steel) – Duotight compatible


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Carbonation & Line Cleaning Cap (Stainless Steel) – Duotight compatible

This newer version of the Carbonation cap has an o-ring compared to the older style with a flat washer.

Need to clean your beer line?
Carbonate your unfizzy beer quickly?
or simply want to take a traveller over to a mates?
Then do yourself a favour and grab one of these essential tools for your brewing needs.

Liquid and Gas ball lock compatible. Barbed fitting fits 4mm, 5mm & 6mm ID hose

1. Acquire empty plastic PET bottle (e.g. 1.25L Coke Bottle)
2. Add cleaning solution for a 1L mixture
3. Add warm water to 1L
4. Attach Cleaning Cap to bottle
5. Attach Liquid ball lock disconnect connected to your tap to cap.
6. Turn on Tap with a jug or bucket underneath it to catch the beer/cleaning solution
7. Turn bottle upside down and squeeze, (you can pressurise the bottle if you want so you don’t have to squeeze, but this is just as fast and easy)
8. Wait until liquid out of tap runs clear, we recommend to wait 5 with solution in the lines
9. Repeat 7-8 on other taps
10. Empty Bottle and fill with same temperature water, flush lines until you’re satisfied theres no more cleaning solution.
11. Hook up your beer line and pour away.

1. Fill beer from your tap, or if you have an NukaTap Growler Filler tap or beer gun with a CO2 purge option, use that to purge 3 seconds worth of gas into the bottle (e.g. 1.25L Coke Bottle) to 3cm from the top. Beer will last considerable longer with a purge.
2. With one hand ready to screw the cap on, with your other hand squeeze the bottle until liquid is right on the brim. Then screw the cap on to make a seal
3. Attach gas ball lock and add CO2 to the bottle to punch out the 3cm at the top of the bottle with CO2.
4. If you only finished half the bottle, squeeze out as much air as possible and fill with CO2.

This can also be a great way to force carbonate your beer if its just been transferred to your keg and you don’t want to wait! Remember your beer will absorb more CO2 the colder it is.