Ultratap SS Tap with Handle (Stainless Steel)


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Ultratap SS Tap with Handle (Stainless Steel)

The Stainless Steel Ultratap is the ULTIMATE improvement of the forward sealing Vent Matic/Intertap range of tap products.

The all stainless steel construction of Ultrataps and significant design improvements to the internal workings of the forward seal design provide users with a high performancetap that works in any sized draught system from small short draw kegerators to massive, long-draw commercial beverage dispense operations.

Ultratap’s patented all stainless steel construction utilizes 21st century, laser-precision manufacturing techniques that create a smoother more sanitary product.


Your tap system’s warmest point is often the tap itself because taps sit furthest away from the cooling system.

Warm taps can often be the cause of first pour foaming, but as the tap cools with the passage of cold beverages flowing through it, the foaming decreases.

Ultratap faucets hold cool temperatures longer due to their perfect thermal mass compared to thinner, cheaper stainless steel taps that market their strength in this design flaw.

Thinner walled taps heat up faster than any tap out there which is why Ultrataps are built to pour cold longer.


No other tap on the market provides the true laminar flow experience like our Ultratap.

The Ultratap laminar flow experience means your beverage reaches the glass undisturbed, without whipping up turbulence within the faucet.

The secret to this perfect laminar pour is due to the unique, patented texture applied to the internal surface of the Ultratap body as well as the enhanced fluid dynamics of the Ultratap’s forward sealing shuttle.

No other tap contains the unique internal laminar flow texture of Ultratap which minimises micro eddies in the flow of the liquids with dissolved gasses before it reaches the atmosphere, gliding perfectly into your glass.

Other forward tap manufacturers cut corners in manufacturing with angular shuttle designs or even worse, substituting stainless steel shuttles with cheap plastic/TPV rubber shuttles.

The only tap material you ever want in contact with your precious beverages is food grade stainless steel because beer and other high acid containing beverages will corrode other materials over time.


When you pour from an Ultratap your beverages will dispense with a truly stunning pour but when you shut off the flow, you’ll be sealing in the flavour and keeping out the bacteria.

The Ultratap forward sealing tap design is the most sanitary tap design in beverage dispensing.

Rear sealing designs allow for the venting of air from the front of the tap which introduces contamination from bacteria everytime the tap is opened.

Ultratap’s forward sealing design shuts the flow of liquid off at the front of the tap which keeps contamination from entering the tap body and keeps your beverages tasting fresh, every pour.