Gen2 – Alcoengine – Copper Reflux Condenser


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Gen2 – Alcoengine – Copper Reflux Condenser

This flow management (FM) design of reflux condenser has been designed to create high percentage pure neutral spirit.

The FM technology used in this design makes this process robust and easy to use. No need to worry about water pressures and fine tuning of water flow speeds. The FM design gives you direct control of the reflux ratio and therefore the purity of your end product. It’s never been so easy to enjoy the craft of distillation.

Do you want to distill faster or get higher purity spirit?  Then you should try the stainless extension tube.
This stainless steel extension tube can be filled with copper or stainless packing.  By increasing the volume of the reflux condenser column this will enable you to get higher purity and/or collect spirit faster (it’s basically a trade off between the two).

For enthusiasts wanting to make clean pure neutral spirit.

The whole system is designed to save, time, money and parts, and fit in one box for easier storage and cheaper shipping.

With its easy to use operation, amazing features, and rock-solid reliability, the Spirit Maker is the foundation of Pure Distilling. Even as our competitors try to catch up, the technologies and features built into this design keep our homemade alcohol distiller years ahead of the DIY home distilling trend. Whether you’re assembling the whole unit in under a minute, or watching your bottles fill with commercial quality alcohol in your very own home – it is simple, easy and fun to use.

You will need to purchase a distillation lid if you are using this still on a DigiBoil or BrewZilla. Take note of what size your unit is to purchase the correct sized still. We have two types, the standard distillation lid, or the Pro Series with Sight Glass.
35L Standard Distillation Lid (47mm) for BrewZilla and DigiBoil
65L Standard Distillation Lid (47mm) for BrewZilla and DigiBoil

Pro 35L Tri-Clover Distillation Lid (2″ TC) for BrewZilla and DigiBoil
You will also need 1 x 2 Inch Tri-Clover Clamp.

Pro 65L Tri-Clover Distillation Lid (4″ TC) for BrewZilla and DigiBoil
You will also need:
1 x 2 Inch Tri-Clover Clamp
1 x 4 Inch Tri-Clover Clamp
1 x 4″ x 2″ Tri-Clover Concentric Reducer
1 x 4 Inch Tri-Clover Beaded Seal

No more stuffing around with water flow speed!

Some stills are hard to operate and require fine tuning of the water flow in the condenser.  These stills include the t500 and other coolant management or (CM) designs.  This means that you have to constantly adjust the flow of water/coolant to get consistent results.  This can be also an issue if you are using a pressure pump that cycles on and off in your house or it can even be an issue if you flush the toilet and momentarily the pressure in your hose feeding the still drops.  This still on the other hand is a FM design that controls the flow of spirit directly.  So the as long as you have enough coolant it doesn’t matter how fast your coolent flows through the still.  This makes the still far easier to operate than many other brands like the t500.  The purity of the spirit can be controlled by two included flow control inserts that are show in the attached photos.  These brass inserts come with a 1.0mm hole and a 0.6mm hole.  As the hole gets smaller you the speed of which the spirit comes out of the still will decrease and this will in turn increase your reflux ratio and therefore give you higher purity.  This makes this still design Extremely easy to use as you just open up the ball valve and let the flow control insert of your choice do the job.

Typically the 1.0mm insert is good for stripping runs and then on the final cut you can use the 0.6mm insert.  Alternatively, you can use the ball valve to control the spirit flow too but this is a sensitive adjustment and required a bit more skill for this type of manual adjustment so we recommend you just use the brass inserts that come included.

Easiest Still to Use – That’s our guarantee
This bulletproof design is so easy to use that we are giving you a guarantee that you will get great spirit in no time flat.  All you need to do is make sure you have adequate water/coolant flowing through the head and just about everything else will look after itself.

Compatible with Many Boilers
This still design is compatible with many boiler types.  One option is just get a pot and drill a 47mm hole in the lid and this still will fit no worries.  The still also fits many standard boilers such as the standard Turbo Boilers, Robobrew, Grainfather etc. This still can also fit the top of stainless steel kegs too.  So you can easily make your own keg boiler.  You can use a 2inch tri-clover clamp (not included) and then use the clamp to attach this still to the top of a 50L keg.  So you will not find a more compatible still design that fits a wide range of boiler types.  This can do it all.

Solid Copper
Unlike stainless steel stills and stills that are only copper plated, this still is made from solid copper.  When your hot spirit comes in contact with copper the copper acts like a catalytic converter and drives sulfur out of the spirit.  This process means you get less “off-flavours” and you simply get better quality spirit.  Copper is an expensive metal now and it definitely increases the cost of the still manufacture but we can say for sure that there is a very good reason why it’s still the preferred material by many serious distillers simply because the results are superior.  Dont listen to other people tell you that stainless is the best.  There is no substitute for copper and a still like this will last you a lifetime.

Simple Assembly and Setup
This still is mostly assembled but you still have to connect your garden hose and coolant supply. You can just use your garden hose but it’s a bit of a waste of tap water so we recommend that you get a tank at least 500liters in size then use a powerful recirculation pump to drive the still.  We would recommend one of the Ozito pump’s that you can get from Bunnings or any other suitable high-pressure pumps you can purchase this separately yourself.  We wouldnt recommend a pump too small as you need a reasonably powerful pump to push the water through the condenser as there is a lot of flow restriction in the condenser head. Flow rate is not as importanty as a high head pressure/maximum pressure capability. When you get the still you just need some teflon tape and just attach the fittings as show in the photos above in this add.  Please make sure you connect all the fittings and check for leaks before you start distilling.  There is nothing worse that trying to attach a fitting once the still has heated up.


  • Lead free brass
  • Lead free silver soldering
  • High quality manufacture
  • Super easy to use and will yield results as high as 96% alcohol
  • Australian Design
Distillation is a long process and if you want to automate the process you can use one of the KegLand Temp controllers:

MKII 10amp Temperature Controller
RAPT Temperature Controller

You can use this temp controller to automate the distillation process and this is a massive time saver.

In Australia it is illegal to distil alcohol with a boiler bigger than 5L without the correct excise liquor license.
You will need to fulfil your states requirements in order to distil alcohol for personal use.
For more information please visit link below.
ATO – Excise Liquor Laws and Requirements to distil alcohol.
It is however not illegal to distil your own essential oils for aromatherapy and homeopathy.