Weyermann® Carabohemian® – 170-220 EBC – Per KG


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Made from the finest Bohemian quality brewing barley. By intensifying the caramelization process, an increase in the malt color and the dark caramel notes is achieved in this malt.

Sensory: Bread, caramel and toffee notes

Caramel malt for malt-forward and color accented beer styles, typically for:

  • Pilsener; Bohemian Pilsener
  • Amber Lager; Czech Amber Lager
  • Dark Lager; Czech Dark Lager
  • Strong Lager; Bock
  • IPA; Brown IPA
  • Porter; English Porter
  • Stout; Foreign Extra Stout
  • Strong Ale; Old Ale, American Strong Ale, Barley wine

Recommended addition: up to 15%

Enzyme activity: none

170 – 220 EBC
64.5 – 83.4 Lovibond

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